At DNS, we are committed to improving your bottom line. One example is by offering Dynamic Currency Conversion or DCC. With DCC, you can charge a markup on currency exchange rates whenever an international cardholder uses a foreign-issued card to withdraws US currency from your ATM. Without DCC, credit card companies are the ones who profit by charging a markup instead of you while potentially hurting your interchange revenue.

In addition to generating a new source of revenue, your international customers will benefit from an improved user experience. With DCC enabled:

  • Your terminals display the transaction information in the cardholder’s native currency as well as US dollars.
  • Your terminals fully disclose the margin and the conversion exchange rate before the customer finalizes the transaction.
  • The currency conversion occurs in real-time at the time of transaction.

Without DCC enabled:

  • Your terminal will only display the transaction in US dollars.
  • Your terminal will not display the card issuer’s international transaction fees and may not always reveal the exchange rate.
  • The currency conversion occurs when the transaction posts to the cardholder’s account hours or days later.

Since DCC offers you and your international customers many benefits, it would be wise to enable DCC on terminals in hotels, near airports, or anywhere international travelers may frequent. Some customers who have switched to DNS have benefitted dramatically by doing just that. In some cases, their monthly revenue has improved by hundreds or thousands of dollars even though travel is still below pre-pandemic levels.

DCC is only one of the ways that our customers benefit by partnering with DNS. So don’t miss out on additional revenue. Contact DNS today.


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